Introducing a Handful of Tips

You are obviously here because you want me to share some of my adventures. I have done much and seen much, and hopefully learned some nuggets of wisdom that can be useful to you. Among my tales I will be including a little daily tonic of short adages for people who wish to succeed.

I have had an interesting life working in many countries. My stories and adventures have been written about in two books “A Rolling Stone” and  “Rolling On”.

Having run many international workshops. I learned great deal from the participants in my workshops on stimulating food production, training, planning, communication and ways to improve management skills. I flew to Singapore 31 times to run three-day workshops for Asian managers for the Singapore Institute of Management. Some of these good ideas have been written up in a series of training, communication and management books.

Details of these books with names of publishers, languages they have been translated into and reviews can be found on this website;

My New Year’s resolution was to set up a Blog to share some these ideas with you. My aim is to give you some of the best practical tips on various topics such as communication, training and management  for you to think about.   

My initial idea was to rework the many articles I had written for “Today’s Manager”, the bi-monthly magazine of the Singapore Institute of  Management. But I was told by my associates,  “People haven’t the time to read that stuff these days”. So, “A handful of tips”  was born.

I will try to give you no more than 5 of the very best tips on various practical topics taken from my books (26 titles). Let’s start with some ways to improve your communication skills.

– Geoffrey

To start a tradition, here’s the first quote:

“Success is based on imagination, ambition and the will to work.”


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