A Handful of Tips 1 – Speaking

Here are five of the best public speaking tips.

To improve your

next speech

1. Think about your audience and the occasion

What are their beliefs, attitudes and values?

How much do they already know about your topic?

2. Decide your objective and write it down

What actions do you want your audience to take after your talk? Of course, if it is an after-dinner speech, it should be entertaining.

Try to tell them something helpful, new and interesting.

3. Establish a rapport with your audience

At the start of your presentation spend time establishing a rapport with your audience and for them to get used to your voice. Anecdotes help make memorable points.

4. Keep your presentation simple

Make fewer points and reinforce several times. Three points made three times is a sound rule for recalling your message. Tell your audience what you are going to say, say it, then summarize what you said.

5. Summarize at the finish, answer any questions and give a handout, if appropriate.


“A speech is like a journey. It has a purpose, a map and a destination.”


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