A Handful of Tips 4 – Listening

Five of the best listening tips

You cannot listen if you are talking  – and if you are talking you are not learning.


Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills


1. Put the speaker at ease

          Remove distractions.

          Start with a friendly everyday  conversation to establish a rapport.


2. Show you are interested

          Give the speaker your full attention.

          Show you are listening by nodding and making  encouraging noises.


3. Be patient

          Don’t interrupt.

          Refrain from airing any strong controversial views.


4. Ask questions

          Encourage the speaker by asking questions.

          Ask questions but don’t argue.

          Try to draw the speaker out. “Why did you say that? Is that how you really feel?


5. Summarise, review and reflect

          From time to time summarise what you think the speaker has said and recall some of the speaker’s words. This will help you both remember what was said.


– Geoffrey


“A wise man talks little; an ignorant one talks much.”




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