A Handful of Tips 5 – Confidence

A Handful of Tips 5 – Confidence

Five of the best confidence building tips

To build your self-esteem never be afraid to seize any sensible opportunity – be ambitious.

Some people are self motivated, others are motivated by set-backs and become determined to succeed.

Improve Your Confidence

1. Accept new challenges

          Never decline a job because you are not sure if you can do it. How will you know until you try?


2. Master new skills

          Continually upgrade your skills and learn new ones, especially in communication. Perform in public by joining a debating or Toastmasters club, a drama group, or a choir.

          Study, attend summer schools or take night classes. Internet study courses are well worthwhile to build confidence and to learn new skills at a pace that suits.  


3. Try new things

          Join clubs or worthwhile voluntary organisations.  You can gain new skills outside your work by taking on responsibilities in social or sports clubs. Meeting new people, especially  from other countries, helps build confidence.


4. Master meeting skills

          All organisations have annual meetings and use some form of parliamentary procedure with secretaries, minute-takers, chairmen etc. Learning how to run a meeting and how to delegate gives you confidence in your work.


5. Travel

          Travelling helps build your confidence because you will be challenged into all sorts of unusual situations.    You will see the world through new eyes and gain confidence to cope with different cultures. 




“When your confidence increases your competence increases.”


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