A Handful of Tips 6 – Meetings

A Handful of Tips 6 – Meetings

Five of the best meeting tips

Why do you need a meeting? If you have good communication systems in place you will need few meetings.

Your reputation can depend on how well you run a meeting.


Run Better Meetings

1. Plan well

          Before you call a meeting, decide what you would like the outcome to be.

          Prepare a shrewd agenda.

All items on the agenda should be specific;

‘For a decision’ ; ‘For your information’; For action by….. ‘

The sequence of items is critical. Allow the meeting to warm up before you introduce important items. Save good news items until the end, so the meeting finishes on a ‘high note’.


2. Timing is crucial

          Always start on time regardless of numbers present. If you start meetings late people will never be punctual. A good way to get people to attend early is to put on ‘coffee and cakes’ ten minutes before you are due to start.

          Once you have completed all the items on the agenda, or the allocated time is reached, close the meeting. Never go over your allocated time even if some items have not been completed. People may have appointments, trains to catch ,etc.


3. Add interest

          Variety and humour make meetings more enjoyable.

          Surprise your meeting with special events, such as guest speakers.

          Invite staff to make special presentations.

          If appropriate, run a brainstorming session to come up with new ideas to solve a problem.


4. Good minutes can save hours

          Minutes are the record of the business of a meeting. They don’t have to be detailed but they are critical to get things done.

          They should discreetly clarify trouble spots and formalise conclusions. They should set out who has agreed to do certain jobs, and when they should be completed.


5. Improve each meeting

         Evaluate each meeting. Invite feedback and act on all good recommendations. Make each meeting better than the last.





“The success of a meeting can only be judged by its results.”



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