A Handful of Tips 10 – Self Improvement

A Handful of Tips 10 – Self Improvement

Five of the best self improvement tips

Over the next decade you will need many new skills. Jobs will go to those who update their qualifications and master new skills.


Prepare for the Future


1. Keep learning new skills

          Commit yourself to a life of on-going personal development.

          Attend courses and workshops.

          Read widely.

          New qualifications and new skills are easy to carry around.


2. Accept new challenges

          Build your self-esteem by joining organisations and taking responsible roles.

          Never turn down a job because you are not sure if you can do it. How do you know until you try?


3. Travel widely if possible

          Travel to other countries and observe different cultures. This builds self-confidence and makes contacts.

          Learn new languages.


4. Constantly seek new information

          Be curious. Don’t take anything for granted. Ask the hard questions.

          Explore new ideas.


5. Be ambitious

          Make your dreams come true.

          Break your goals into short-term objectives, setting time-limits. People work best when they challenge themselves to deadlines, especially if they  tell others their plans.




“What we want to be is more important than what we are.”


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