A Handful of Tips 11- Motivation

A Handful of Tips 11- Motivation

Five of the best motivational tips

What motivates people?

A pride in doing a good job; more responsibility; advancement and the recognition of achievements and personal growth and development.


1. Recognise good work

          Spend quality time with your people. Show you are interested in their work and their achievements.

          Everyone needs praise. Be specific and sincere. Make people feel like winners.

          Reward people for effort and their ideas. Rewards can take many forms – bonus payments; salary increase; a new position; time off; a car park; a new company car; a prize; a paid holiday; a special dinner or some other form of recognition.


2. Involve staff in decisions

          Be honest with people. Share your problems and difficulties and discuss new developments.

           Encourage ideas on how jobs can be done better, how working conditions can be improved, and how quality standards can be raised.


3. Remove controls

          Increase the amount of responsibility you give people and make them accountable for their own work.


4. Challenge people 

Give demanding projects to staff, or to family members, to extend them. This encourages initiative and tests their capabilities.


5. Remember names

          Make an effort to remember names and family names. Try repeating them, make notes of names, try to associate names with other people, or things or places.




“Praise and a sincere compliment can be great motivators.”


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