A Handful of Tips 12 – Conflict

A Handful of Tips 12 – Conflict

Five of the best ways to overcome conflicts and resolve differences


Resolving Differences         


Most conflicts are usually the result of misunderstandings or poor communication.

Clashes in the workplace are often due to personality differences or jealousies.

Aim to improve communications, explain and discuss developments before they become a problem.


1. When there is a conflict analyse the real situation

Often what appears to be the problem may not be the real cause.

Define the conflict from both sides’ point of view. Be honest and frank.

Emphasise common concerns and points of agreement.


2. List possible solutions and discuss all the alternatives

          Be honest and straight forward, unemotional and objective.

          Don’t concentrate on looking for differences; look for common ground.


3. Break complex issues up into workable components

          Be prepared to compromise and to select the best alternatives. Be prepared to give up some things to achieve a satisfactory result.


4. Plan the action required

          Who will do what by when?

           Plan the action and the sequence required to implement a policy that will resolve the differences between parties.


5. Discuss the results periodically

          Carry out an evaluation from time to time and be prepared to make any necessary changes.




“Anger is one letter short of DANGER!”



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