A Handful of Tips 13 – Achieving

A Handful of Tips 13 – Achieving


Five of the best ways to get things done


Be An Achiever    


The most influential people in this world are the people who get things done. They are the people who have learned to manage their time well by planning and practising good work habits.


1. Set a daily routine

          If it is possible, set a daily routine and try to keep to it.


2. Prioritise your work

          Tackle the urgent jobs first, then the important ones.

          Do the jobs requiring your maximum concentration when you are at your peak working times. Only you will know when that is.


3. Fix deadlines for important jobs

          If you tell people when you plan to finish a task you will have a greater incentive to get the job done on time.


4. Break big jobs into small sections

          Carve big tasks into small bites and deal with only one bite at a time.


5. Do one job at a time

          Once you start a task try to complete it. Avoid getting side-tracked. Don’t flit from one job to another.




“The scarcest resource you have is your time –

ration it!”


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