A Handful of Tips 15 – Career Advancement

A Handful of Tips 15 – Career Advancement


Five of the best tips to advance your career in a large organisation


What you want to be is more important than what you are. You will need to plan and work hard to achieve success.


1. Get to know the corporate culture

          Know the standards expected and the ambitions (the mission statement) of the organisation.


2. Find mentors to counsel and advise you  on steps in your career

          Get honest feedback  and act on it.

          Don’t resent helpful criticism.


3. Maintain high ethical standards and a good work output

              People who can get things done quickly and efficiently are the ones who get promoted.

              Be honest and helpful in all your work.


4. Build good relationships and alliances

              Join groups and organisations and make an effort to strengthen your social and business networks.


5. Continually learn new skills

              Keep upgrading your qualifications and make the most of all relevant new training opportunities.

              Take on new responsibilities when they become available.




“To advance your career exceed your bosses’ expectations,

protect their reputations,

and give them credit for your successes.”


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