A Handful of Tips 16 – Career Choice

A Handful of Tips 16 – Career Choice


Five of the best tips to plan your career


People entering the workforce today need a good basic education and a variety of work and social experiences.  Think about what you want to do for a career and make plans to achieve your ambition.  


1. What are you good at?


          List the things you do best and enjoy doing most. What type of job would give you the most satisfaction?


2. Seek advice


          What is your ambition?

          Get advice from successful people and career counsellors.


3. Get work experience


          Before you decide on a career get as much work experience as possible in  a variety of jobs. Take on holiday jobs, temporary jobs or volunteer jobs. You’ll learn a lot about people and occupations!


4. Overcome your weaknesses


          Be prepared to study to upgrade your qualifications.  


          Learn new skills at a technical institute or a university, or become an apprentice to a skilled trades-person.


          If your ambition is to own your own business, work in a similar organisation or in an area to gain experience and save money for your venture.



5. Get your foot in the door


          Make the most of any contacts you have to get started in an organisation where you would like to work. Research the organisation and make an appointment to see if any positions are becoming vacant. Be prepared to take on a mundane or a temporary job to get started and to demonstrate what you are capable of doing.  





“The only job you start at the top is when you dig a hole.”


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