A Handful of Tips 20 – Complaints

A Handful of Tips 20 – Complaints


Five of the best tips to deal with a grievance 

Businesses will thrive only if customers and clients are satisfied with the products and the service. If complaints are not handled skilfully and quickly valued customers will be lost.

          Complaints should be treated as indicators of potential trouble, so staff should be trained to deal with complaints promptly.

1. Be polite and helpful

Find out precisely what the customer is complaining about. Listen very carefully and ask questions. Don’t make hasty judgements or make excuses.

          Show you are concerned and are willing to assist the complainant as soon as possible.

2. Investigate the problem quickly    

Is it due to faulty materials, poor assembly, poor servicing, rude or inconsiderate staff or lack of training?

3. Give rapid feedback   

Contact the customer promptly to tell them what you have found out about the problem.  Thank them for bringing it to your notice.

4. Make a special effort to retain their custom

Correct the problem as soon as possible.

          Replace all faulty products immediately.

          Investigate the cause of the problem fully and make sure it doesn’t occur again.

          Do something special for the complainant , such as a free voucher or a discount on their next purchase.

5. Take corrective action

You may need to improve your staff training to upgrade customer services and quality controls. It may be necessary to improve machinery maintenance or your delivery systems.  

          Be thankful the problem has been brought  to your attention so you can rectify it.


“The greatest asset a business can have is a satisfied customer.”


Sourced from my books: “Time Savers” and “Time Management Secrets”, (Cengage Learning Asia) available from Amazon.com as hard copy, or as an e-book.


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