A Handful of Tips 21 – Public Relations

A Handful of Tips 21 – Public Relations


Five of the best tips to get the image you want


It takes time, money and commitment to build a good image, but it can be lost with one foolish action.

          To enhance your public image, present your messages attractively. Make them simple, honest and succinct using a variety of media.


1. Research your target audience


Find out all you can about their knowledge, attitudes and opinions of your organisation.

          Where do they get their information? T.V. ? Newspapers? Radio? Smart phones? Tablets? Friends and neighbour? etc.

          Only then can you plan and budget to improve your public relations strategy.


2. Delegate public relations responsibility to all staff


Carefully select and train front-line staff and people with extra public relations responsibilities.

          Maintain a close liaison with media reporters, and influential people.  

          Make sure all staff know they have a responsible role in the organisation’s public relations activities.


3. Good internal communication is vital


Set up an effective two-way communication systems in your business.

          Keep staff informed about policies and activities at all times.


4. Welcome comments and suggestions


Try to get honest feedback from staff, clients and the general public.

          Listen and respond quickly to things people are saying about your organisation.


5. Support high-profile ‘good causes’.


Budget  and review these activities, constantly updating and making changes as necessary.




“Good public relations does not consist so much in telling the public as in listening to it.”



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