A Handful of Tips 22 – Managing

A Handful of Tips  22 – Managing


Five of the best tips for managers


A good manager has a strategic vision and the ability to direct and encourage staff so they achieve the goals of the organisation.   


1. Become a good role model


Lead from the front.

          Maintain high ethical standards.

          Be honest and sincere in all your work.


2. Build strong teams


Oversee the establishment of well balanced teams of workers.

          Delegate  authority but guide and encourage team leaders. Make them responsible and accountable for quality results.

           Make sure teams work closely together to achieve common goals.


3. Improve two-way communication


Set up systems to keep people fully informed of policy and new developments. This stops people continuously asking questions and wasting your time.

          Keep asking hard questions to all staff and clients, listen carefully, and make firm decisions.


4. Continually improve standards


Aim to upgrade quality of products and services while maintaining high outputs.

          Discover the ability in staff and work to improve their performance.


5. Innovate and experiment


Investigate new approaches to work and to production. Keep asking “How can we do this better?”

          Don’t take anything for granted.  Keep seeking better ways to do all activities and tasks.




“Remember, your enthusiasm is contagious.”


P. S. A difficult topic to cover in only 5 tips. Your comments would be appreciated.


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