A Handful of Tips 32 – Stress

A Handful of Tips 32 – Stress

Five of the best tips to reduce tension and worry

When your body tells you are under stress it’s time to review your lifestyle. Think through the cause of your stress and if necessary, get professional help.

It may be pressure at work, marital or family difficulties, financial worries, accommodation problems, peer pressure or other reasons. 

Before you make any vital decisions go away for a break. Make the time to get your life back in perspective.  Review your lifestyle objectively.


1. Take control of your life and plan time for periods of leisure

Make time to relax and do the things you enjoy doing most. 

Take up a hobby making things, collecting things, or do things you really enjoy. Join organisations such as music, drama or sports clubs.


2. Exercise regularly

If you are not an active sportsperson follow a sport or activity you enjoy. Walking and exploring your area can be good for you and give you a chance to think and to plan.


3. Keep healthy 

Make sure you have a well-balanced diet . Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of safe water. Reduce your  intake of fats, sugar, salt, alcohol and coffee.

Have regular medical, dental and eyesight checks. 

Watch your weight and make sure you get enough sleep.


4. Organise yourself better at work 

Plan your day allowing time for interruptions and thinking time. Don’t be too ambitious. Set yourself  realistic goals. 

Make decisions quickly as soon as you have all the facts. Don’t procrastinate. Meet deadlines early so you have no last-minute panics.  

Learn to decline when people ask you to take on extra duties. If you are in a senior position be prepared to delegate some responsibilities to people you  trust.


5. Get your priorities right 

If you are unhappy at work, try to get a job you enjoy. Balance your lifestyle. Get yourself organised and learn to relax by doing the things you enjoy doing. 

Reward yourself when you have done a job you are proud of.




“Moderation in all things” should be your motto.



Source Books: “Time-Savers” and “Time Management Secrets”.


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