A Handful of Tips 34 – Visual Aids

A Handful of Tips 34 – Visual Aids


Five of the best tips when using visual aids to enhance your presentations


Research has shown an audience remembers about 20% of what they hear and about 80% of what they see.  That’s why you should use visual aids.

There are many types of projectors and visual aids. These days most presenters use laptops or tablets to project their messages.


1. Make sure the venue is suitable for projecting and your visual aids can be seen by all the audience

Many presentations are ruined by people not being able to see the visual aids or to read slides clearly.


2. If possible, rehearse your talk with your visuals before the event

Check all the plugs and adaptors for the equipment at the venue.  Make sure the types and sizes are compatible with your devices.

Check blackout conditions and the position of the light switches.


3. Restrict the number of slides you use

Each should have a single message.

Show only the best  –  leave out the rest.


4. Allow sufficient time for the audience to study each visual

Don’t clutter a visual with small print or too much detail. Consider the size of the type, the font colour combinations and the amount of information. All the audience should be able to read the text easily.

Be careful with your colour combinations. Black on white, or white on black, or dark print on a light- coloured background are best.  Remember about 8% of men are colour blind so be aware of red/green problems. Red on black is difficult to read for many people.


5. Distribute handouts when you have finished your presentation

They should cover the message and details of your visuals for further reference.


Remember you are your main visual aid. Don’t delegate too much information to the projector.

Be well-prepared, confident, enthusiastic and dynamic!




” A good visual aid can save you a lot of talking.”


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