A Handful of Tips 36 – Overcoming Procrastination

A Handful of Tips 36 –

            Overcoming Procrastination


Five of the best tips to overcome procrastination


Are you a procrastinator? 

Think about the reasons you put off doing certain tasks. We all make excuses –  we are too busy – the job is too difficult to start now. And the longer we leave it, the harder the job becomes.  The world is cluttered with unfinished projects that have been put aside to do later when people have time.


Try some of the following tips to help you get things done and reduce the stress of having unfinished business lurking at the back of your mind.


There is nothing more fatiguing than worrying about an uncompleted task so the sooner you start the better.


1. Make a commitment to start

Decide to get rid of one task that has to be done and set an approximate finishing date.


2. Plan the action

If it is a big job, list the broad steps you will need to take. Write them down in logical order. If it is a report draw a ‘mind map’ with key words.

Tell others what you hope to achieve and the approximate completion date.  This gives you an incentive to work hard on the project and show others you are an achiever.


3. Break each step into small workable tasks

Focus on one task at a time.

Make a realistic list of things to be done. Complete that task. You will then be encouraged to tackle the next task and move on to the next step.


This is the ‘Divide and Conquer’ technique.


4. Set deadlines

Develop good working habits and time-saving systems.



Budget your time making sure you allow time for social and physical activities.


Reward yourself when you meet a deadline.


5. Now get started!

The first step is often the hardest one.

Be determined to get things done.

Set a realistic finishing date and get going!




“Carve big tasks into small bites

and deal with only one bite at a time.”


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