A Handful of Tips 37 – Interruptions

A Handful of Tips 37 – Interruptions


Five of the best tips to eliminate interruptions


There are two ways to deal with interruptions – get rid of them or set aside a specific amount of time for them. Your choice depends on the importance you place on listening to clients and staff or your desire to get other work done.


Try to eliminate or delay interruptions so they don’t interfere with your peak-time priority work.  We all have times of greater mental activity so identify yours and keep them free for your most important and creative tasks.


1. Improve your communication systems


Keep people well informed about developing situations in your organisation or workplace . This should reduce the need for interruptions to answer questions or explain issues.


2. Schedule meetings so people can question and discuss important  matters


Make sure such meetings start on time, get to the point quickly and keep to the agenda.


3. Delegate routine enquiries


A good personal assistant can deal with requests for information, make appointments, and look after visitors so you can work without interruptions.   


4. Plan an interruption-free period each day


Identify the time of day when you are at your peak of mental activity. Set this time aside, guard it and make full use of it.


5. Escape to a refuge


Retreat to a ‘secret’  room for high priority work  and important planning and creative tasks.


Modern communications allow people to work anywhere and many managers have a second office at home for writing reports and planning activities.





“For peace of mind ration your time.”


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