A Handful of Tips 38 – Success

A Handful of Tips 38 – Success

Five of the best tips to help you succeed


The rules for success are many and varied.

They won’t work unless you do.


What you know and who you know are very important but you will probably need resources to help you succeed.


1. Make the time to think, to dream and to plan


Start your journey by writing down your goals and plan the path you would like to take to achieve them.


2. Work hard to upgrade your skills and increase your resources


On your journey you will need to carry a load of skills so keep up-to-date with new technology. Keep improving your communication skills. As your confidence increases so will your competence.


You will need to save and develop a sound financial record especially if you plan to set up your own business.


3. Look for new ways to fulfill people’s needs (and their greeds)


Keep searching for different ways to do things. Be prepared to take new directions instead of the well-worn path of others.


Be curious and ask questions. Don’t take anything for granted.


Conditions change so keep your eyes open and look out for changing situations.


4. Help people get what they want

If you can meet the needs and wants of people you will have a greater chance of success.


5. Make ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’, your motto!


Be prepared to take a risk. People who attempt things that fail and learn from their mistakes often achieve great things.


Sometimes it is a matter of hanging on longer when others have given up.


Your personal success will depend largely on your own efforts – hard work and your passion to succeed.  





“One of the great pleasures in life is to achieve things people say you cannot do.”

Source: “Secrets for Success – This book could change your life”


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