A Handful of Tips 41 – Motivate Your Team

A Handful of Tips 41 –

                          Motivate Your Team


Five of the best tips to motivate your team


To motivate people you need to spend time with them.  Good leaders ask questions and listen to members of their team.


People are motivated if they feel they are contributing and doing a worthwhile job.


1. Be an enthusiastic role model


Lead from the front with a smile.


Spend time with your team so you learn something about their aims and ambitions and their strengths and weaknesses. Encourage them to use their strengths and work hard.


Show enthusiasm for the project you are undertaking and emphasize the importance of their part in it.


2. Involve your team in decision-making 


Keep the team fully informed about developments and be honest with them at all times.


Explain changes in policy and consult them before making new rules.


3. Improve working conditions


Listen to their suggestions and their complaints.


Small improvements  in equipment and in working conditions can often improve the morale of the team and motivate them.


4. Remove unnecessary controls, rules and regulations


Delegate greater responsibility to competent workers.


Aim to foster a more relaxed atmosphere in team talks. Encourage co-operation.


5. Praise and reward people


Acknowledge extra effort and good ideas. Tell members you appreciate their contributions to the team. 


Reward successful teams.





“The most effective motivation can be to say, ‘Thank you. You did a good job.’ “


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