A Handful of Tips 46 – International Travel

A Handful of Tips 46 –

                          International Travel

Five of the best tips for trips when travelling overseas

Plan your trip after  talking to people who have travelled in the countries you will visit.

Go online to research and to find out the seasonal climate at your destination.

Make sure your visas and your passport  are valid for much longer than you expect to be away and your vaccinations are current  for the countries you plan to visit.


1. Travel with minimum luggage

Take half as many clothes as you think you will need and twice as much money

Try to avoid checking luggage.  This speeds up your exit at your destination and eliminates the stress of losing lost luggage.

Load up and carry an international money card (SIM card) but have some local cash to get to your  accommodation.

2. Travel insurance is essential

Shop around to find the best and most reliable travel insurance plan. You need a good insurance provider  because of the high cost of medical services in countries like the USA and the cost of bringing you home if you have an accident.

Take probiotics – they help you avoid some illnesses.  

Don’t forget your medications and a prescription to confirm you are not carrying illegal drugs.

3.  Be aware of dangers

Tourists are targeted by thieves so take precautions.

In case your bag is stolen keep your passport details, credit card numbers and vital contact addresses  in several places.

Watch out for mosquitoes at dawn and dusk in tropical countries. Malaria and dengue fever are still major problems in many  countries.

4. Find out Customs restrictions before you arrive in a country

Make sure you fill in your arrival form accurately and honestly.

Never lose your temper with Customs or Immigration officials however great the provocation.

5. Aim for comfort

Book early so you can choose where you sit in the aircraft  An aisle seat makes it easier to move around the aircraft and exercise on long flights and to get drinks of water. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and reduce ‘jet lag’.

 Eat light meals and drink alcohol modestly.




“Experienced travellers have the lightest bags.”


Sources: “Time- Savers, Guidelines, checklists and golden rules” &  “Time Management Secrets” published by Cengage Learning Asia.

Available as an e-book from Amazon.com.





Question: What would be your best 5 travel tips?


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