A Handful of Tips 52 – Emailing

A Handful of Tips 52 – Emailing


Five of the best tips to improve your emails

Email is one of our best communication tools. Use it wisely and don’t let it dominate your working life.


1. Become disciplined with your emails

Clear your messages at set times, not when you are bored with other work.


2. Handle messages quickly

As soon as you have read an email, decide to:


          ‘delete it – act on it – pass it on – save it for reference – or file it for later action’.


3. Try to avoid opening the same email twice

If it needs answering, do it immediately. Don’t waste time finding it again and re-reading it.


4. When answering an email give a concise summary in the subject line


5. Answer questions explicitly

Don’t take anything for granted. Express figures and dates in words and avoid local jargon and slang.






“The email is your servant not your master.”






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