A Handful of Tips 59 – Letters to the Editor

A Handful of Tips 59 –

                      Letters to the Editor


Five of the best tips to help get your letters published


Get free publicity for your ideas by writing letters to the editor of influential newspapers and magazines. Letters should be topical so watch for trends and editorial thoughts.


1. State your idea or complaint clearly at the beginning of your letter

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.


2. Don’t be offensive

You will make more impact with restrained language than with abuse.


Use humour and satire. They often hit where it hurts most and are more likely to be published.


3. Avoid libellous topics

Keep away from religious and racial controversy, blasphemy and extreme political issues.


4. Arrange your statements in logical order

Start with an attention-grabbing introduction and your strongest argument.


Leave your weaker statements until later. If your letter is too long or space is restricted that part will be cut.


5. “Boil it down”

Edit by removing all jargon, clichés and surplus words. Check grammar and spelling, especially names.


– Geoffrey 


“Excite your readers by writing with enthusiasm and energy.”


Source:Getting Your Ideas Across”, Published by Moss Associates Ltd and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand.


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