A Handful of Tips 60 – Boosting Production

A Handful of Tips 60 –

                        Boosting Production


Five of the best ways to help increase production in a business


All businesses should make an adequate profit. Their success depends on the quality and the quantity of their products and services and their efficient methods of production. 


1. Proclaim war on bureaucracy   

Get rid of all unnecessary rules and try to streamline all systems.


Delegate responsibility and accountability to the front-line areas of the business.


2. Reorganise teams

With the help of the team leaders revise all systems – cut away the ‘dead-wood’.


Remove, or retrain workers who are not performing well. You cannot afford weak links in a good team.


(Take care not to reorganise too often.)


3. Overcome long-festering problems

Establish a close working relationship with your staff so they are honest with you.


Identify problem areas by asking simple leading questions.


Work together to overcome any problems.


4. Lead a team with a vision

Share your vision and convince your workers to focus on the future of the organisation.


5. Turn customers into partners

Make the time to talk to customers and clients. They will tell you how you can give a better service.




“Focus on making thing better – not bitter.”


Source:“Revitalise YOUR Business”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand.

” Business Secrets. Guidelines for New Leader-managers”, Cengage Learning, Asia.

Also available as e-books from Amazon.com and from the VitalSource Bookshelf.

Visit: http://www.mossassociates.co.nz

Contacts: moss@xtra.co.nz



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