A Handful of Tips 62 – Customer Services

A Handful of Tips 62 –

                         Customer Services


The five best tips to help you grow your business with your customers’ help


Maintain a good service to your regular clients and your business will grow as they grow.  


1. Never neglect a good customer

Good customers must be given priority service and special privileges.


Give them a personal service, a fast service and quick quotations.


2. Increase the frequency of customer transactions 

Study customers’ needs. Aim to offer new additional services to your regular customers.


3. Increase the value of each sale

Reduce your costs and overheads so you can keep your prices low and your customers happy.


Costs can be cut by finding new suppliers for your raw materials, by introducing robots, or by subcontracting and outsourcing some of your production services.


4. Improve your systems

By constantly evaluating and improving your systems you will boost productivity and improve customer services. Keep asking, “How can we do better next time?”


Analyse the returns from  your marketing strategies. Any saving you can make can be used to improve your customer services.


5. Remove frontline staff who are not eager to help

Replace unfriendly staff with affable people who enjoy dealing with the public.  




It’s the ability to deliver a consistently high quality service every time that brings customers back and your business will grow, as their business grows.”


Source: “Revitalise YOUR Business. Guidelines for new leader-managers”, Moss Associates Ltd. and “Business Secrets”, Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com. and  from the VitalSource Bookshelf.


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