A Handful of Tips 65 – Television Interviews

A Handful of Tips 65 – 

                            Television Interviews

The five best tips before you are interviewed on television


The essence of television is visual entertainment.

If you are seeking publicity ensure your message is news, not propaganda or free advertising.

1. Do your homework before an interview

How much time will you have?

What do you really want to say? Plan your main message.

Get your facts correct. Facts are hard to argue against.

Decide on a strong statement to conclude the interview.

2. Prepare for unexpected questions 

Explore controversial issues around your message. Prepare answers for possible difficult questions.

3. Wear lightweight clothes

It can be hot under the lights.

Avoid stripes and jazzy patterns. A pastel-coloured shirt or blouse is more suitable than white.

4. Don’t drink alcohol before an interview

Viewers can often tell by your voice and body language and you are more likely to say things you may regret later.

Make sure you are comfortable. Try to relax before the interview with some deep breathing.

5. Be prepared to deliver a strong conclusion

Aim to leave viewers with a memorable message.



“Eighty percent of a successful presentation is in the preparation.”


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