A Handful of Tips 67 – Mentoring and Coaching

A Handful of Tips 67 – 

                       Mentoring and Coaching

The five best tips when mentoring staff

Mentoring is a form of training using an experienced and trusted adviser to help others organise their work and careers more efficiently and effectively.

1. Mentors must be compatible with the person or persons they are mentoring or coaching

Mentoring can be a two-way training tool where a young trainee can share technology with an older person in exchange for learning practical skills.

2. Can be used on a one-to-one basis or a one-to-group basis

3. At the start,  discuss the role and the rules 

Set up an informal agenda and agree on place and meeting times.

4. A low-cost effective training method

An ideal job for an experienced retiree.

Many such people enjoy coaching and appreciate being asked to help.

5. Mentoring can be used to select and coach replacements    



“Mentoring should inspire action rather than fill with knowledge.”


Source: “Training Secrets. Helping adults learn”. Moss Associates Ltd. “Training Secrets. A trainer’s handbook packed with proven methods and helpful hints”, Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com.



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