A Handful of Tips 68 – Returning to Work

A Handful of Tips 68 – 

                                    Returning to Work

The five best tips if you are returning to work after a lengthy absence.


Confidence and self-esteem can be as important as retraining so make a self- revival plan.

1. Improve your image

Smarten up your appearance.

Make sure you are well groomed.

Get fit so you feel healthy and ready for the challenge.

2. Increase your confidence and self-esteem

Join clubs and organisations to meet new people and be prepared to take on new responsibilities.   

Try new things. Get involved in a new activity such as a different sport or hobby.

3. Learn new skills or update your old ones

Study recent developments in electronic communications.

Enroll for courses to learn new skills.

Prepare a unique C.V. or  resume emphasising your experiences and achievements.

4. Start job-hunting in earnest

Contact people whom you think might be able to help.

Make time each day to go job hunting.

Visit government and private employment agencies and read the ‘Situation vacant’ advertisements in newspapers so you know what employers want.  

5. Believe in yourself 

Brush up on the skills needed for a particular job.

Prepare well for interviews and act confidently.

Get organised and plan your daily routine so you can cope efficiently and without stress.

Meanwhile, start working at home keeping regular ‘office’ hours. Keep busy!  (See the 45 suggestions for home-based work in “No Job! What Now?)


“You only fail when you give up.”


Source: No Job! What Now? published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia as an e-book. Also available from Amazon.com and VitalSource bookshelf.


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