A Handful of Tips 69 – Delegation

A Handful of Tips 69 – Delegation

Five of the best delegation tips

The ability to delegate is the mark of a good manager and indicates trust and faith in workers.

Good delegators are always in demand and get the top jobs.  

1. Tell people what you want done, by when, and leave them to it 

They will enjoy their task more if they are responsible and feel they are in charge.

2. Restrain from meddling while they carry out allotted tasks 

Good delegation challenges, extends and develops people. It encourages initiative and motivates them.


3. Delegate to busy people – the others haven’t the time

Choose reliable, energetic people and explain fully what is to be done.

4. Be prepared to delegate responsibility, authority and accountability  

By giving workers greater autonomy they will become more involved and enjoy their work more and this should stimulate production.  


5. Delegation should be a part of your master plan to select suitable people to grow your business

Challenging assignments are a good way to develop and select people for advancement.


“Do it, dump it or delegate it!”


Source: “The Daily Tonic”. A free download from http://www.mossassociates.co.nz.”Revitalise Your Business. Guidelines for new leader-managers”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand.  “Business Secrets”, Cengage Learning Asia and available as an e-book from Amazon.com and VitalSource Bookshelf.


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