A Handful of Tips 70 – How to Delegate

A Handful of Tips 70 – How to Delegate

Five of the best tips on ways to delegate work

If you delegate some of your time-consuming activities you will have more time for priority work such as talking to staff and to clients.

1. List your activities and tasks and mark the ones you don’t really need to do

What are your essential jobs?

Which jobs are enjoyable but not absolutely essential?

Which jobs take too much of your time?

Decide which ones you could delegate.

2. Choose the best person for the job

Analyse the task.

Which member of your team is best qualified for the job?

Can they be relieved of some of their other tasks?

Will they benefit from the experience?

Select the most suitable person.

3. Promote the task 

Highlight the challenges.

Express your faith in the person’s ability to rise to the challenge of the new task.

Tell them how the experience will benefit them.

4. Set clear performance standards, not the method to be used

Discuss guidelines.

If necessary, supply a model against which they can measure their performance.

Let them have time to think about the task and to ask questions.

5. Keep the lines of communication open

Make sure they know you are always available to help if unforeseen problems arise.

Encourage feedback, and negotiate dates for regular progress reports.


“If you feel unable to delegate you’ve probably got the wrong team about you. 


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