A Handful of Tips 71 – Audience Analysis

A Handful of Tips 71 – Audience Analysis

Five of the best tips when you plan to communicate with a mass audience 

Before you start to prepare a presentation, a report, an article or any other form of mass communication, find out as much as possible about the audience you are aiming to reach.

The success of a presentation is largely due to your preparation.

1. Allow time to research your audience

You need to know their age range, occupations social status, gender and the numbers you are aiming to reach.

2. Aim your messages at specific groups 

Take into consideration their occupations, level of education, income, experience and so on.

3. What are their beliefs, attitudes and values?

Do they have strong prejudices? Consider any religious or political views.

What are their values?

4. Decide which topics will interest them or be of concern to them

What are their needs and wants?

Don’t waste time telling them what they already know. Plan to tell them what they want to know.

5. What actions do you want them to take?

What they want to hear is probably more important to them than what you want to tell them.

What message do you want them to remember ?

Write down your main message in simple language then prepare your presentation around that topic. 



“Leave unmentioned what your audience already knows. Tell them something new!”


Source: “Time-Savers” Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and “Time Management Secrets”,  Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also published as an e-book and available from Amazon.com.


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