A Handful of Tips 73 – Feedback

A Handful of Tips 73 – Feedback

The five best tips to stimulate feedback

All organisations should aim for continuous improvement in their services. Feedback is essential to find out what people are thinking about your organisation. It can also serve as an early warning sign of problems and grievances.

1. Use social and informal events to discover what people like and dislike about your organisation

People tend to say what they think you want to hear but their body language can often indicate their real feelings.


2. Establish a rapport with people before you ask direct questions

Make the time to chat with staff and clients before asking for feedback.

Explain you welcome feedback and want to help them.


3. Ask direct and open questions

Don’t look for acclamation, look for ways to improve services.

“What did we do right?” “What did we do wrong?” “How can we do better?”


4. If you are criticised, do not become defensive 

Explain your position calmly.

Welcome constructive feedback.

5. Encourage feedback as soon as possible after an event 

“What did you think of the meeting?” “What changes are needed?” 

Thank people for their co-operation. A friendly message often stimulates further feedback



“Don’t be defensive, encourage honest feedback.”


SOURCETime-Savers” Moss Associates, New Zealand and “Time Management Secrets” Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also as an e-book available from Amazon.com.


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