A Handful of Tips 76 – Organisational Change

A Handful of Tips 76 – 

                             Organisational Change

The best five tips to overcome resistance to change in a organisation

1. Gain support

Before you start to make changes discuss the matter with top management and make sure you have their full support.

Gain the support of leaders, especially those who are well-liked and trusted. Concentrate on those who are not resistant to change.

2. Involve competent staff members in planning, implementing and evaluating the new policies 

If you involve people in the change process they are more likely to accept new ideas.  

3. Emphasise benefits

Tell people how the changes will benefit them.

Identify and eliminate obstacles.

4. Explain the changes honestly and be enthusiastic about the results

Build up trust by talking to staff and giving them all the facts.

Resistance to change is often due to poor communication and the misunderstanding of a developing situation.

5. Build a successful track record of your achievements

Start with a project that you know will be successful and benefit everyone.  

Concentrate on one project at a time and complete it before tackling the next.



“Success means growth and growth means change.”


SOURCE: “Revitalise Your Business” Moss Associates Ltd. New Zealand and “Business Secrets” Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com and from VitalSource.


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