A Handful of Tips 77 – Work Efficiently

A Handful of Tips 77 – Work Efficiently 

The best five tips to help you achieve more at work 

To be more efficient you will need to exercise a great deal of self discipline, get more organised and learn to prioritise your jobs. You can do that!

1. Plan your day’s work 

If possible, each day before you leave work, know what important jobs must be done the following day.

Urgent jobs must be done first, then prioritise the others.  

2. Identify your peak working hours and use that time for your important tasks

Carefully guard these precious hours.

3. Tackle only one job at a time 

Make decisions fast as soon as you have sufficient facts. Aim to finish that job before moving on to the next .

Never spend more time on a job than it warrants.

4. Carve big jobs into small ‘bites’  and deal with only one ‘bite’ at a time 

Don’t put off large unpleasant tasks. If you procrastinate, you will worry about unfinished jobs.

5. Set deadlines 

Tell people when you plan to finish your major tasks.

If you are committed to deadlines, you are more likely to finish them quickly. 



“It’s not how hard you work, it’s how much you get done that’s important.”


SOURCE: “Revitalise YOUR Business” (p.300), Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and “Business Secrets”, Cengage Learning, Asia. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com and VitalSource.


VISIT www.:mossassociates.co.nz


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