A Handful of Tips 80 – Training Adults

A Handful of Tips 80 – Training Adults 

The five best tips when training adults

Most adults will be keen to learn if they know the training will benefit them directly. It should be timely and result in greater work satisfaction, increased self-esteem and give a better quality of life.   

1. Adults learn best when they realise they need to update their present skills or learn new ones

Training should be timely and relevant to the situation.

2. Involve trainees heavily in their training

Identify their needs and decide on the topics to be covered.

Concentrate on practical tasks – doing things and seeing things, not listening to lectures.

Encourage them to share their experiences

The older they are the greater the reservoir of experiences and stories.

 3. Make training enjoyable and stress-free 

Use a variety of training methods

Keep trainees entertained with useful exercises, games and competitions.

Have fun.

4. Challenge the trainees 

Keep them active and busy and above all, make them think.

Use challenging assignments to build their confidence.

Reward superior efforts.

5. Appeal to the desire for advancement 

Leave trainees with a sense of achievement and satisfaction and, hopefully, inspiration!


“Returns from learning should be more earnings.”

SOURCE: “Training Secrets” Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com.



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