A Handful of Tips 81 – Leader-manager Attributes

A Handful of Tips 81 – Leader-manager                                         Attributes


The five best tips for a leader-manager to achieve success


Leader-managers should be globally and culturally aware of trends in their workplace and any changes likely to occur.

They should demand high standards and motivate their staff to increase their skills and efficiency.

1. State your vision for the future of the organisation

It should be clear, realistic and achievable.

Explain  its benefits and focus on achieving results so it also becomes the vision for the staff

2. Gain the respect of your staff

Talk and listen to them. Consult them when changes are necessary.

Encourage social activities. Join in their social and sporting activities.

3. Set high ethical and moral standards 

Be honest and sincere in all your work and expect your staff to do the same.

4. Act like a leader

Lead well and dress well.

Build strong teams and make them accountable.

Inspire workers and motivate them through training, coaching and mentoring.

Commit yourself to the welfare of your workers and to their safety in the workplace.

5. Establish good internal and external communication systems

You must know what is going on.

Network widely. Join local and national organisations and participate in their events.



” You must gain acceptance before you can lead.”


SOURCE:“Revitalise YOUR Business” Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand  and “Business Secrets” Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com and from VitalSource.


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