A Handful of Tips 82 – Technical Poster Papers

A Handful of Tips 82 – 

                          Technical Poster Papers

The five best tips for someone presenting a poster paper at a scientific conference

Poster papers are as important as oral presentations.

Your poster must be of a high standard if it is to compete with all other posters to attract people to your exhibit.

1. Your title must be simple, interesting and easy to read

You have only a few seconds to catch people’s attention.

Aim for a short, bold title and use colour to get attention.

2. Keep your poster simple and uncluttered

It’s the results that are important not the details justifying your work.

If people are interested they will investigate your research methods and other details later.   

3. Avoid large expanses of written material

Your message should be easy to read, clear and concise. Viewers do not have time to read detailed blocks of small print.

A photo on the poster will help viewers to identify you so they contact you for more information.

If you are on duty at the exhibit, wear something distinctive (e.g. a white lab coat) with a bold name tag.

4. Pictures and graphs or charts can be more effective than words

Simplify charts and graphs so results are obvious.

Use colour to highlight important points.

5. Appeal to as many senses as possible – sight, sound, feel and taste

If possible have samples, handouts and business cards available and research papers on display.

Make sure your display has good lighting.

A well-produced video can be an effective way of keeping viewers interested. They like to see people doing things!


” A good picture can save a thousand words.”


SOURCE: For more details on this topic read,  “Persuasive Ways” published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand,  or the Chinese language version by the Shanghai People’s Publishing House. It’s also published as “Secrets of Persuasion” by Cengage Learning Asia and available as an e-book from Amazon.com.  



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