A Handful of Tips 93 – Reports

A Handful of Tips 93 – Reports


The five best tips on presenting a report

1. Collect all  relevant information and arrange in a logical order

Check your facts for accuracy. Don’t confuse facts and opinions. If it is a fact say so: if it is an opinion assess it at its face value.

2. Draft the body of your report

Set it out clearly using headings and sub-headings. (Relevant supporting material goes into the annex or appendix.)

Then emphasise your important findings, facts and recommendations. 

3. Write the abstract (or summary) last 

Make sure your conclusions and recommendations are simple and clear.

4. Use a traditional layout style for a well set out and comprehensive report

Time is valuable to top management so keep your report brief, to the point, factual and easy to read.

Use short sentences and basic English.

          1. Title

          2. Table of contents

          3. Abstract (or summary)

          4. Introduction

          5. Main body

          6. Conclusions

          7. Recommendations

          8. Acknowledgements

          9. References

          10. Appendices (or annexes)

5. After submitting your report, make  an appointment to discuss it with your initiators

Make presentations to support your recommendations.



“By presenting a sound case you can bring about change.”

For detailed amplification of  report writing see our books “Time-Savers” and “Persuasive Ways”.  Also published by Cengage Learning Asia as “Time Management Secrets” and “Secrets of Persuasion”. These last two books are available as e-books from Amazon.com.


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