A Handful of Tips 100 – Zealots

A Handful of Tips 100 – Zealots

The ten best tips for managing some of our worldly problems

I have reached my goal of producing 100 ‘A Handful of Tips’.

As a reward for my 100th blog I want you to imagine you are a zealot and think about some of the problems affecting our world today.

Here are two handfuls of questions for you to consider.

How would you:

1. Control population growth?

This is one of the greatest problems facing us today.

2. Produce cheap nutritional foods to feed the increasing population?

Good farming land is fast disappearing under housing and industry.

With genetic modification we can speed up plant and animal breeding and produce high-yielding, crops, and animals.

The distribution of quality food, at a reasonable price, is a major problem.

3. Develop a low cost, mass desalination water system?

Clean safe water is fast becoming a major problem. We are surrounded by water and we continue to dump our rubbish in it.

4. Develop low cost renewable energy sources?

Oil and coal are diminishing resources. What are the economic alternatives? Wind power, tidal power and solar energy are still too expensive

5. Remove racial boundaries and warring religions?

Are there other ways beside education?

6. Educate all people in survival skills?

That would include personal health, diet and exercise, water safety, safe driving, growing food, building and house maintenance.

7. Establish universal health services?

A costly business. How could this be done?

Flood the market with trained medical staff?

8. Punish warmongers and ban wars?

We are making an effort but history shows this is seemingly almost impossible. Why is that?

9. Raise universal education standards with emphasis on research?

The internet is making this seem possible. What do you think?

10. Introduce waste management systems to recycle waste at economical prices?

Packaging is one of the major problems. What is the answer to this?


“Don’t get overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of zealots.

Learn to make balanced judgements after considering all the facts.”


SOURCE: “Rolling On. Work adventures in many lands”. Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand.


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