A Handful of Tips 102 – Planning

The five best tips when drawing up a work plan


Good ideas don’t just happen. Keep asking: “What’s happening out there? What changes are necessary? What do we want to happen? What will we do?”


1. Start with the basic assumptions

It is important to define the mission, the goals and objectives before you start serious planning.

2. Wise planning saves time

A few minutes spent planning can save hours when it comes to the execution.

Decide on your strategies and the time available.

3. Plan logically, step by step

Set out the successive steps and conditions required to reach the objective.

4. Make your plans dynamic

A good plan is not a static thing. Be prepared to change direction if conditions change.

Plans must be few in number and easy to understand.

5. Managers are responsible for planning

Planning should not be delegated to a planning department.

Managers must involve the team leaders, the supervisors and the people who will be responsible for implementing the plans.

Managers, team leaders and bosses must not live in the past but must constantly plan for the future!



“Good planning can save much time as it reduces the time wasted on possible crises later.”


Source: “Secrets for New Managers” first published by Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from Amazon.com and VitalSource.


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