Another Handful of Tips 2 – Your action plan

Another Handful of Tips 2 – Your action plan

A Handful of Tips
Five of the best tips to achieve a goal

An action plan is a step by step approach to achieve a goal or goals. Ideally it should state simply who does what by when.

1. Set your goal or goals
Your goals should be simple and realistic.
Do not attempt too many at one time.
Write down, in basic English, what you want to achieve.


2. List actions needed
Make a list of all the things that need to be done.
Which ones needs to be done first?
Write them down in a logical order.
Aim to attack them step by step.


3. Prepare a time line
Estimate the time required for each step and indicate when they should be completed.


4. Your plan
Make your plan dynamic.
Identify possible problems.
Consider alternatives if changes are necessary.
Be prepared to change.

5. Get started
Each step completed gives a sense of achievement and encourages you to continue. Think positively . Do things systematically and achieve results.

-Geoffrey Moss


Action makes more fortunes than caution.”


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