Another Handful of Tips 5 – A new year


Another Handful of Tips 5 –

A new year

Five of the best tips for starting a new year

A new year is a wonderful time to decide to reorganise some aspects of your life and refresh others.

1. Get rid of your clutter
Clean up your work and study space.
Dispose of all the things you do not need.

2. Make several plans
Think long and hard about what you plan to accomplish this year.
Plan your family life, your working life and your financial affairs and prepare an overall budget.
Write down your plans and keep then in an obvious place. Look at them regularly.

3. Ration your time
Take control of your time. Don’t become a slave to others. Set your priorities. Decide what is really important to you and allocate your time accordingly.

4. Learn new skills
Decide which new skills you need or would like to learn. Skills are easy to carry around.
If necessary, find a new mentor.

5. Seek new experiences
When we travel and do new things we see things through new eyes. Don’t become complacent. Seek new learning experiences. Join new organizations and network.

-Geoffrey Moss

“A new year is the time to eraze old habits and raise the new.”


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