Another Handful of Tips 9 – Persuading People

Another Handful of Tips 9 – Persuading People

The five best tips to influence people’s opinions and decisions

Get to know your audience and consult them about their needs and concerns. If your messages coincide with their preconceptions, prejudices and beliefs they will pay more attention.

1. Research your target audience

What are their needs, wants and their habits? What are their ages and genders? Where do they get their information?

Ask questions and listen carefully to what they say.

2. Keep your message simple and easy to understand

Use simple words and short sentences. Tell them how they will benefit from your advice and recommendations.

3. Consult before recommending

Try out your message on a sample group. Make adjustments if necessary. Make it easy for a larger audience to understand and act on your message.

4. Select an appropriate persuasive technique

Appeal to people’s desires. Use peer pressure, if necessary.
To support your case quote testimonials from respected, well-known people.
Gain support by your association with prestigious organisations or good causes.
Produce evidence to back up your recommendations.

5. Be enthusiastic and convincing

When making your presentation, aim to establish a rapport with your audience. Find common interests and experiences to capture and hold their attention.
Appeal for action and tell them how they will benefit from your recommendations. Make your message memorable by using as many senses as possible.


-Geoffrey Moss


“Write and speak with energy and enthusiasm – they are contagious.”


SOURCE: “Persuasive Ways” published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and in Chinese by Shanghai People’s Publishing House and as “Secrets of Persuasion” by Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from


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