Another handful of Tips 11 – ‘Mondayitis’

Another Handful of Tips 11-                  ‘Mondayitis’

The five best tips on how to overcome ‘Monday morning blues’

Many people find getting started at work on Monday morning difficult after a weekend.

1. Before leaving work on Friday

Clean up the majority of your unfinished tasks.
Tidy your desk before you leave your office.
Leave one challenging, enjoyable task for Monday. Set a simple work goal for Monday.

2. Reserve your weekend for personal jobs and pleasant tasks

Try to refresh yourself over the weekend. Enjoy sports, family, social activities and hobbies.
Refrain from checking work e-mails until you get back to work.

3. Early to bed early to rise

If possible have a quiet Sunday evening and get to bed early. Rise early on Monday.

4. Give your body a shot of endorphins

Treat yourself to a good breakfast and a burst of activity such as power walking, jogging, doing exercises or cycling before you arrive at work.

5. Get off to a good start

Arrive at work early and get started before your colleagues arrive. Greet your colleagues with enthusiasm knowing you are well on the way to completing the enjoyable task you set yourself on Friday.

-Geoffrey Moss

“It is not what you do that’s important. It’s what you
can achieve.”

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