Another Handful of Tips 12 – ‘A Good Boss’

Another Handful of Tips 12 –           ‘A Good Boss’

The five best tips to be ‘a good boss’

A good boss is a good leader, a ‘people person’, a motivator, a coach, a good communicator, an enthusiast and one who sets a good example. When you ask employees what makes a good boss words like ‘encouraging’, ‘caring’, ‘fairness’,  ‘understanding’ and ‘honesty’ keep coming up.

1. Lead by setting a good example

Moral, social and work ethics are very important when setting a good example. The way you dress, the way you organise your work, the way you speak, are all important characteristics. Always treat your staff with respect.

2. Be fair to all employees

Avoid showing favouritism. Avoid prejudices. Be fair to all, regardless of race, creed or sex.

Make the time to spend with staff and listen to their suggestions and new ideas. Listen to their concerns and family problems.

Encourage people to talk and share their ideas and views through coaching and training.

3. Give clear and decisive instructions

Employees like bosses with a vision who give clear and decisive instructions and keep to them, so everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.

4. Delegate responsibilities

Be prepared to hand down responsibility and authority to suitable workers where the action takes place.

5. Give credit where credit is due

‘Thank you. You did a good job’ are powerful words.
These are greatly appreciated if given in writing and in front of colleagues.

Support and encourage staff to work towards the goals of the organisation at all times.


-Geoffrey Moss

“Bosses should be honest, fair, consistent, insistent
and persistent.”

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