Another Handful of Tips 13 – Questioning


Another Handful of Tips 13 –              Questioning

The five best tips in the art of asking questions

If you want good answers to your questions use these basic rules to develop your skills.

1. Put the person at ease

Chat and begin by asking questions that are simple and easy to answer.

2. Ask direct questions

A concise and a brief question is more likely to get the response you are looking for.

3. Pause after asking your question

By keeping quiet you place the onus to respond on the other person.

4. Never answer your own question

This shows you value the opinion of the other person or persons.

5. Repeat the answer given

Show you have been interested and listened well. Give your interpretation of the answer. This allows the other person a chance to amplify, to explain why they said what they did and to make any alterations.

Avoid evaluating answers and always express your gratitude for the response to your questions. An unexpected or vague answer is often valuable as it could indicate you have a communication problem.

-Geoffrey Moss

“If you want answers, ask questions.”

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