Another Handful of Tips 17 – Achieving Results


Another Handful of Tips 17 – Achieving Results

The five best tips on how a successful manager can achieve good results

People like to feel they are making a difference. They usually have a higher output if they are given responsibility for tasks. To get good results, delegate.

Good managers know these tips but often need reminding.

1. Hire ambitious people

You are only as good as your staff. Hire people who are prepared to make decisions, can get things done and will take on responsibility for jobs.

2. Define results clearly

Results and responsibilities should be spelt out clearly in writing. Verbal instructions are easily forgotten and can be misinterpreted.

3. Value the skills of others

Make the most of the talents and experiences of your staff. They respond well if they are given the freedom to use their talents.

4. Get people involved in decision making

The more you can get people involved in helping to set the organisational goals and objectives the higher will be their output. They feel they have a stake in the outcomes and will be more loyal to the organisation.

5. Support your people and keep out of the way

People work best if given the freedom to learn from their successes and their mistakes. Give them the support they need then leave them to do the job as efficiently and economically as possible.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Praise for a job well done generates energy.”


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