Another Handful of Tips 18 – Remembering People’s Names


Another Handful of Tips 18 – Remembering People’s Names

Five of the best tips to help you remember people’s names

A good memory for names is an asset that can make a difference to your career. Master the art of remembering names – it will prove to be one of your most valuable assets.

Most people are good at remembering faces but many are embarrassed when introducing someone because they have forgotten their name.

Some people owe their career success to their ability to recall names and details, especially politicians.

1. Discuss a person’s name with them

If you don’t hear their name clearly ask them to repeat it.
That’s an unusual name. How is it spelt? Are you related to John Higgleston from Sydney?” I was at school with boy with that name. He was a special friend.

2. Jot down the name

Carry a small notebook and make a note of new names so you can enter them in your diary, or into your address list. By writing the name down you will increase the chances of remembering it.

This is especially important if you travel, if you have staff in many centers, or if you are involved with national or international organisations or companies.

3. Repeat the name often

Keep using the name in the conversation and especially as you farewell them. The more you can use a name the greater the chance of remembering it.

4. Associate the name with an object or another person

Mr. Foot, Miss Baker, John Woods, Moss, Wolf, Ford.
Longer names can often be divided into memorable sections Greenfield, Johnson, Holyoake.

5. Focus on the person and the name

Concentrate and make a real effort to connect their name and physical features. Mr Hook may have a big nose for example Mr Baldwin may have little hair.

If possible, ask for a business card to reinforce the image. Look at the card and read it out aloud. Often by making a note on the back of the card it can serve as a memory jogger.
People will be flattered when you greet them by name at a later stage if you haven’t seen them for some time. Especially if you can remember some details about their family or their interests.

From today make a special effort to remember names. You will be well rewarded for your efforts.

-Geoffrey Moss


“A person’s name is the most important sound they can hear.”



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