Another Handful of Tips 25 – Relaxation

Another Handful of Tips 25 –                 Relaxation

Five of the best tips to help you relax and enjoy life more

We all want to be well fed and comfortably housed. We all want security in our lives. We want to feel wanted, loved by our family, appreciated by our friends and popular with our peers. But at times we are under pressure and we forget how to relax.

1. Reduce work pressure

Get organised. Learn the skills of good time management. Build in work, hobby, family and fun times.

Everyone likes to have a job where they are appreciated and are making a worthwhile contribution. Make sure you have job satisfaction so you are able to relax at other times.

2. Decide to relax more

Make time for the things you enjoy doing. Don’t take life too seriously. Have some fun!

Make a list of all the activities you enjoy – the things you would like to do but haven’t got around to doing. Prioritise your list, select your top choice and get started.

3. Enjoy sports and hobbies

Exercise regularly.

If you are not an active sportsperson try a low impact physical activity like yoga or tai chi or follow a sport you enjoy. Learn to meditate.
Go for long walks – get out in the fresh air.

If you prefer a high impact sport join a team activity or take up running, swimming or cycling. You can pursue these as an individual or collectively in a group.

Start a collection of unusual items. You can have fun hunting for them and they may turn out to be a good investment.

4. Socialise in friendly groups

Join a gym, a drama club, a choir, a music group, a film club, a gardening club, a church group, or a service club.

5. Be creative

Reorganise your life and set aside a little time to try some new hobbies. Learn to paint, cook exotic dishes or transform your garden. Research your family history, write your memoirs or try your hand at poetry.

There are so many new activities to try. If you are enjoying an activity you will relax and forget the stresses of daily life.

-Geoffrey Moss

“A relaxed approach can add years to your life.”

Sources: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life”, “Secrets for Success” published by Moss Associates Ltd and Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from


Secrets for Success Cover Secrets for Success (Asia and Amazon) Cover


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