Another Handful of Tips 26 – Evaluations

Another Handful of Tips 26 – Evaluations

Five of the best tips to help improve an activity

Today’s business is all about performance, productivity and accountability.

All activities should be evaluated and subjected to questioning about their costs and benefits.

People should have the time to think about the relevance of an event and be prepared to give an honest feedback.

1. Ask simple, basic questions

After an event or an activity, ask, “How can we do better next time?” ; “What changes would you recommend?”; “What actions should we take?”

2. Was it worth the effort?

Calculate the costs, the results and the returns to see if the activity was worthwhile. What were the real benefits?

3. Timing is important

Decide on the best time to carry out an evaluation. If people have other things on their minds, such as transport difficulties, or they are worried about work or family pressures, their answers could be hasty and not given the consideration they deserve .

Allow time for people to think about the results of an event but make sure you receive their response.

4. Keep evaluations relaxed and friendly

Explain that evaluations are necessary to see where improvements can be made.

Don’t make an appraisal an inquisition. Keep it pleasant.

5. Be positive

When reporting the results of an appraisal. start and end on a positive note.

Discuss progress made and the successes achieved.

If criticism is necessary, sandwich it between positive comments. Praise previous efforts, make suggestions about how things could be improved and then praise some aspect again. This is a useful technique to soften the criticism so people are not upset.

-Geoffrey Moss

“People have a basic desire to make a difference in their workplace. They want to contribute and they also like to know their opinions have been heard and considered.”

SOURCE: “Training Secrets. Helping adults learn” 190p., Moss Associates. Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from Learn 49 ways to train and how to assess and improve your own training skills.


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